As a cancer sun + leo moon, I am most interested in the intertwinings of deep interpersonal and thoroughly-consuming intrapersonal experiences of very emotional humans. I speak to the familiarity of intimate details of the intensities and apathies in my own romantic and formerly romantic relationships, while continuously navigating my relationship with myself. The pursuit of understanding my multi-racial, queer identity drives me through various media stemming from a heavy background in printmaking and flowing towards other tactile processes that force a state of solitary concentration and self-reflection. With each body of work comes a new personal exploration of love, sexuality, and self.


Courtney Parbs finds herself as the only half-filipino lesbian artist based in Milwaukee. Trust her, she’s looked. Parbs received her BFA in 2017 from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Upon graduating, she collaborated in the inaugural exhibition of the Yellow Wallpaper Project and was selected to be in the 2018 Walker’s Point Center for the Arts’ 31 Emerge exhibition.

A piece from her newest body of work can be found in the exhibition OVERSEAS, opening July 20 in San Diego, CA.

Currently she is a studio intern at the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY and will return to Milwaukee, WI to continue shop assisting at Team Nerd Letterpress.

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follow her on instagram: @parbsalator